Surge Protective Capacitors

Surge Protective Capacitors

We are Manufacturer & Exporter of Surge Absorbing / Protective Capacitor. This product is used to protect generator and heavy motor from intern fault. SHARDA’s surge protection capacitors are special types of capacitors. Its application is of a specialized nature i.e. in case of abnormal condition.

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High Voltage Capacitor

High Voltage Capacitor

Sharda is producing power compensation capacitors since 20 years with fully technically & Experienced workmanship, new advanced machinery

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Casting Products Industry

Low Voltage MPP Capacitor

The construction of this type of capacitor is like having one sheet of Polypropylene Film in which an upper part is metalized with aluminum (Al) or zinc (Zn) with standard thickness having 0.2μm.

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Global Energy Market Supplier

Capacitor Bank

SHARDA ELECTRONICS & CO. is a manufacturer of Capacitor Bank with associated Equipment's

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The Future GPI

Customer Relationship

Customer Relationship Building - A Key to Our Success To our customers we offer a near endless stream of support. It is our goal to keep our customers up and running.

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